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Christian Values

At each Abundant Life campus, mindful teachers push their students to see God’s fingerprints in creation and praise Him in every subject. Wherever life takes...

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Testimonials of ALCS Students

I like that we can learn a lot of things. I like chapel and devotional where we learn abut God. I like the activities that we do in school.

It has been a big privilege for me to study in this school. First because it is private and is the best school here in Gracias. Since I have come here everything has changed. In the school I was in before everyone was different and they didn’t have good morals. Also the teachers did not have good testimonies. So I like this school and their teachers and principals and also because they show us Christian principles.

ALCS has taught me many things; to be good and serve God in all ways. My life has changed since I am part of this ALCS family.

The experience of studying at a Christian School has been such a blessing in my life. We are surrounded by teachers who genuinely care about our relationship with the Lord and strengthen us through their own testimony. Each day I acquire knowledge but also wisdom, which in my old school the difference between those 2 was not so important.

Being in this school is a blessing. I have learned a lot from all the teachers. It has been hard being here because my father has gone through a lot of problem. God is awesome to us and I will praise him always.

I like class with Ms. D and Mr. Bayron. I like to color in class. I also like playing babies and playing with my friends. When we play doctor, Mr. Bayron pretend he is sick. Then we make him better.

4th grade The school is named Abundant Life. It is a big school. The school has two fields. One is in the ground and the other is cement. The school has very good teachers. That is so fun. It has a lot of classes like art, penmanship, spelling, reading, science, math and language. It is so fun!

I think that the school has helped me to know more about Christ Jesus because in other school that I have been they did not teach us about Jesus. I have learned more about Him here and that’s a great think. I also have learned so many thinks here. Things that I love.

The education of Abundant Life Christian School has helped me in my spiritual life in a big way. This school shows all students the love and grace that God has shown us. I’m glad I study in a Christian school and every day grow closer to God.

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  • Margi
  • Nicole
  • Darling
  • Abigail
  • Michele
  • Yester
  • Heydi
  • Josue