Jobs FAQ

What is the contract length if I would like to be a teacher at Abundant Life Christian Schools (ALCS)?

Typical contract length runs from August till June of the following year so it is for the length of 1 school year or around 10 months. If teachers desire they can choose to extend their contract for another school year while they are teaching but this is not a requirement.

What does a daily schedule look like?

Typically a day starts around 7:30 and ends around 3 in the afternoon. The day starts with a 20 minute devotional with your students. The day is then broken up into 9 different 40 minute class periods. In the morning all students are given a recess that is 20 minutes long. Then students all will have a 40 minute lunch period before they take their afternoon classes.

Are teachers given a curriculum to follow?

Teachers are all given the books and curriculum they will need to teach. ALCS uses the Abeka curriculum that is a Christian curriculum that is created in the United States. Any other resources that you will need will be provided to you.

How many different schools does ALCS hire American teachers for?

Currently we hire teachers for all of our bilingual schools. These schools are located in the cities of Tegucigalpa, Choluteca, Catacamas, Gracias and La Union. However, most foreign teachers are hired for the schools of Gracias and La Union.

Are teachers allowed to decide which school they are placed at?

During the interview process we try to gauge what type of situation teachers are looking for during their time in Honduras and where they will be the best fit. If teachers have a preference we try to take this into account when we are making teacher placement decisions. However, this does not guarantee that you will be offered a position in the city that you want because other factors are looked at such as what openings are available at the school. When positions are offered to teaching candidates we will make sure to include the location that you will be working at as well.

For what grade/subject levels does ALCS look for teachers?

ALCS looks for teachers for a variety of different grade levels and subjects. We offer positions for teachers working with students as young as 2 to 3 year olds up through working seniors in High School. We need teachers for a variety of subjects as well such as Biology, Algebra, Chemistry, Language, Literature, History and a variety of other subjects. All ALCS schools are normal K – 12 type institutions that you would find in the USA.

Do you have to be a certified teacher to teach at ALCS?

Certification is not necessary to be a teacher at ALCS. ALCS has worked with teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors. We try to place our teachers in the grade or subjects that they have the strongest background knowledge. However, preference is given to candidates who have teaching experience or a teaching certificate. All teaching candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Do you have to be fluent in Spanish to teach at ALCS?

Spanish is not a requirement to be a teacher at ALCS. Inside of our schools only English is spoken by the teachers so not knowing Spanish is not a large problem. Outside of school is a great time to learn more Spanish and integrate your self in the community.

When does the interview and hiring process begin at ALCS?

In person interviews begin during our college visits which normally take place in late February and early March. We travel around the United States and will make every attempt to try and meet with you in person. If we are not able to meet with you in person then we typically try to set up interviews over Skype. We normally start offering positions soon after we arrive back to Honduras in March. If for any reason you would like to apply but need to be interviewed sooner please send an email to jake.compaan (at)

Are positions ever available during the middle of the year?

Due our current growth at ALCS we have been starting Nivelacion courses which open in January. These courses are designed for students who wish to enter ALCS but are not able to enter because they are too old to enter Kindergarten. These courses are a rigorous English course that prepares the students at the end of the 6 months to enter ALCS even at an older age. These students typically are between the ages of 2nd through 6th grade. These courses are typically around 6 months in length and run between January and July. If you are interested in teaching one of these courses please email jake.compaan (at) as these positions are not always posted.

What compensation is provided to ALCS teachers?

The compensation that ALCS provides to their teachers is very competitive on a Honduran scale so no fund raising is needed. All teachers are provided with a round trip airline ticket that will take you out to Honduras and then a return ticket that will be issued upon the completion of your contract. ALCS also provides a very competitive salary that allows you to pay for your food, housing and quite a bit of traveling. All ALCS teachers are also given health insurance for their time in Honduras as well.

Do teachers need to find their own housing?

While teachers are required to pay for their own housing ALCS will help to find suitable housing for every teacher. In many cases we will provide a variety of options and possibilities and let you choose the option that best suits what you are looking for in a house. If your desire is to live with a host family these types of living situations can be arranged as well.

Are there times during the school year when teachers are able to travel?

Teachers are able to travel whenever they do not have classes. There are a lot of vacation times during the year such as many three and four day weekends during the months of September and October. During November teachers are given Thanksgiving weekend off and during this time ALCS does a yearly trip to have Thanksgiving dinner in Tegucigalpa. Also teachers are given a Christmas Break in which many of the teachers fly home to spend the holidays with their families. In the spring we have a short winter break as well as a full week off for Semana Santa. These times are all wonderful times to get out and travel and experience the beauty of Honduras and the countries that surround it.

Can I get involved in extra curricular activities while I am teaching at ALCS?

Extra curricular activities are a vital part of the life of the students at ALCS. As a teacher you will have many different opportunities to work with students on a wide variety of extra curricular activities. These activities range from sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball to music and art as well. These types of activities are a great way to get to know the students outside of the classroom.

What shots or immunizations are required for you to teach in the country of Honduras?

There is nothing that you need to be a teacher here. However, normally they recommend that you have basic up to date shots for Hepatitis A + B, Tetanus, and Rabies. Some people take pills for Typhoid but normally it is not a major worry in this country. In the mountainous areas malaria doesn’t exist but when you travel to more jungle type areas having some malaria pills might be a good idea.

What types of students make up the student population at ALCS?

Students at ALCS are almost entirely 100% Honduran students. Students come from a wide variety of economic and social backgrounds. For example at the school in La Union more then 50% of the students who attend are sponsored students and come from economically depressed areas. While ALCS is rooted in the Evangelical tradition many of our students come from a Catholic background as well. Our student population is what makes our schools unique and different from other schools around Honduras. Our belief is that we are to serve all Hondurans not just those with the most economic resources.