Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.
—John F. Kennedy

Jobs pay in different ways. Working in one of our schools provides a salary, but more notably, it provides fulfillment. Right now, teachers in the Abundant Life Christian Schools are shaping the future of Honduras by sharing the love of Christ and knowledge of God’s world with its children. Jobs pay in different ways; teaching with Abundant Life, you can also pay it forward.

Children are excellent imitators; at Abundant Life, we strive to give them something excellent to imitate. Our curriculum, our administration, and our events all encourage our students to grow, but none of their impacts compare to our teachers’. Our teachers send a message to the future—that God holds Honduras in his Hand, and He has a plan for her children.

If you believe in our vision, if you want a job that pays with more than dollars, if you can be an example for the next generation—then we need you.

Here are some testimonies from our current teachers.


Krystell: former student and current teacher:

From my algebra teacher I learned that in math, as in life, my christian life needed to add and multiply instead of divide and subtract. Since that moment, Math became important to me. When I was in eleventh grade I took a really hard test. I told my teacher “I won’t make it to the honor roll.” He said “if you don’t believe in yourself, I believe for both of us.” He doesn’t know but those words still encourage me now. From the chaplain of my school I learned that if I want to grow in my relationship with Christ that is is up to me. I need to believe what I believe because believe it and not because someone told me. Growing up in a Christian school helps you to grow in Christ when you have teachers that wish for you to grow spiritually and not just academically.

Luke: first year teacher:

Working at Abundant Life has grown me in many ways. I’ve grown as a teacher and a leader, and as that was happening, it turns out I was growing as a follower of Christ, too. This was a big change for me and my family, so having such incredible coworkers and administration here has been a huge help, and I can’t say enough about the generosity of the community. If you want to grow and experience a new and wonderful culture, then Abundant Life is an amazing place to do it.